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KHL Manpower Management is a licensed international manpower and recruitment agency located in Bangkok, Thailand. We have been serving the international community with our comprehensive yet dynamic approach to employment since 1999.

At KHL we focus on improving the abilities of our business partners while enhancing the skills of our job placement candidates. We take pride in our unique ability to highlight the exemplary skill and personality of the Thai People. We do this by assisting our candidates in reaching their career goals and placing them only in positions that meet the needs of our business partners while projecting a positive image of the people of Thailand.

We focus on continuous improvement, both in our office and with our job placement candidates. We project the importance and significance of continuing education to our candidates and assist them in improving their abilities. We take the same approach within our organization, continuously updating and upgrading to keep pace with the changing business environment.

In order to create a unique service offering to exceed our clients' needs we typically base our employer solutions on a combination of our services . We encourage you to explore our services and reach out to one of our employment agents to begin realizing the advantages of hiring Thai. Employer or job seeker, we welcome inquiries from both and hope we can serve you each with our proven high level of service and commitment.

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